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Jamia Artificial Intelligence Research Group

We are a small independent research group affiliated with university Jamia Millia Islamia located in the heart of New Delhi, India. This research group is actively involved in solving various real-life challenges using Big data analytics and Deep learning. The main aim of this group is to design behavioural biometric based Antispoof systems. People in this group are working on diverse problems such as:


-Mobile Biometric Anti-spoof systems

-Crowd Monitoring using Soft Biometrics

-EEG based continuous authentication

-Social Media Analysis

-Medical Imaging

Application of machine/deep learning techniques on burgeoning biological data is important in order to solve various biological research problems. The three main aims of Bioinformatics are: gather/organize data; analyze data; and interpret data. A computational biologist is more interested in the third aim of analyzing and interpreting the data. Some very interesting computational biology problems being handled by this research group are:


-Enhancer or regulatory elements prediction

-Protein function prediction

-Disease outbreak prediction using AI and Social Media

-High throughput Whole Genome Sequence classification

-BCI applications

-CBCT analysis

Quote of the Day


"If you are pursuing a goal you know you can do, it's the wrong goal."

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